5 Tips for Wearing Moleskin Trousers

We’ve all been there – bought something we liked in the shop, only to get it home and realise we have absolutely no idea what to pair it with. For some gentlemen, moleskin trousers are just such an item. Luxuriously soft and available in a range of autumn colours, moleskin trousers are nice to look at but difficult to own. However, that shouldn’t put you off adding this gentleman’s classic to your wardrobe.

We’ve put together this handy guide to show you how to wear moleskin with pride.

Pair with a shirt/knitwear jacket

Given its durable nature, moleskin is traditionally worn as country wear with a nice checked shirt and contrasting sweater. You can also add a tweed jacket on top if the weather is inclement. Feel free to mix and match contrasting colours or try different shades of the same colour to create a classic layered English Gentleman look. Tip: try to avoid using the same shade, as this will make you look a little too eccentric.

Ensure the weight of trouser matches your top

While we’re talking about layers, you should ensure that any top you wear is of similar weight to your trousers. Moleskin is traditionally worn in autumn and winter, so is particularly suited to being paired with a thick wool or cashmere sweater and tweed jacket. Try to avoid pairing them with a thin cotton sweater or linen shirt.

Avoid t-shirts and trainers

Moleskin and t-shirts should be avoided at all costs. There is no excuse for making this fashion faux pas unless you are wearing a t-shirt underneath a sweater or jacket to help keep you warm. Just don’t be tempted to walk around without the sweater or you’ll start looking like a man who couldn’t find anything else to wear. Trainers are also out of bounds – stick with a pair of smart brown shoes, or even better, a pair of boots.

Play with textures

The real beauty of moleskin is its texture, so why not make the most of it? You could pair them with a nice cable cashmere rollneck sweater, or create a more contemporary look with a casual denim shirt or jacket. If you want to keep it classic, you can’t go far wrong with a nice tweed shooting jacket, wool sweater and check shirt.

Smarten up with a tie

The thing that puts most people off wearing moleskin trousers is the fact that they are seen as too smart for casual and too casual for smart. However, you can smarten moleskin up by adding a tie to your ensemble. A plain knitted tie or patterned tie works well with a nice v-neck sweater or underneath a tweed jacket.

As you can see, there are lots of options for wearing moleskin. You can go contemporary and dress it up with a smart turtleneck and winter coat or you can go for the traditional country gentleman look with a tweed jacket, sweater and tie. Whatever you decide to do, once you’ve tried moleskin, you’ll find it hard to go back to wearing plain old jeans.

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