Tourist Guide: What to do in Dreamy Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities around the world. It offers amazing sites you can visit and engage in different activities. You can enjoy boat rides through various channels and experience city from different perspective, cultural venues and amazing nightlife.

Once in this city, you can go like regular tourist or take a chance and fulfill your wildest dreams. The choice is yours. Here’s the list of some cool Amsterdam activities:

Stag Do Weekend

Amsterdam is an amazing destination for a stag weekend. You can choose and take advantage between many Amsterdam stag do ideas and have a blast for your special event. Just focus on having a great time and remember, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam.

City Sightseeing

In case you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, going around the city is pretty amazing. You can use canal rides and buses to move around Amsterdam. This tour will present you with a rare chance to see what the city has to offer. There are remarkable architectural designs which will capture your attention. Furthermore, you will get to learn of historical streets in Amsterdam. No doubt, it is an undertaking you will find solace in doing.

Visiting the museum

Van Gogh Museum gives you a chance of connecting with history. You can visit the museum during your free time for a chance to appreciate the history of one of the greatest painters. This museum has been designed in the most remarkable architectural design you can ever imagine. It is home to the greatest works of Vincent Van Gogh. You will not hesitate to take photos of these paintings that have been preserved in this amazing museum for ages.

Cruising and Sailing

This is one amazing Amsterdam Stag Do ideas you can prioritize once you reach this amazing city. You can cruise around the city as you enjoy its rare artistic building designs. This activity also presents you with a nice chance of meditating and also taking photos of some amazing sites. You can enjoy this activity at an affordable price. With no doubt, you will get value for your money, considering the amazing sites you will come across.

Remarkable nightlife

Wine tasting and eating Netherland’s cuisines is something you will take pride in. Amsterdam offers one of the most extraordinary nightlife. With its modernized restaurants, you can always look forward to a nice experience at night. When night comes by, you can choose to go for a coffee date or just have a good time in one of the clubs with a bottle of beer. You will find substantial fun in doing so.

Heineken Experience

Beer lovers should be all smiles at the mention of Heineken. This experience will grant you a chance of visiting Heineken original brewery. You will be able to admire the vintage brewing equipment, tall malt silos, and some Heineken commercials. At the end of the tour, you will earn yourself free beers. This is no doubt the best way to wrap up your tour in a brewery.


As your stag weekend draws by, you will have a lot of destinations bombarding your mind. One of the best destinations to visit should be Amsterdam. It will present you with a number of activities that will spice up your stag weekend. That shows that it should earn a place on the list of places you are planning to visit.

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