Cars With the Best Resale Value

Top 6 Cars for Resale Value

When it comes to buying a car, you’re also making an investment. When you’ve had your fun, which model will make you the most back? These 6 cars are the best.

Remember your first new car? Remember how great it felt to be the one to put the first mile on it? How about when you decided to sell it and buy something newer, and the dealer laughed out loud when you expected to get at least a fraction of what you originally paid?

No matter how much sentimental value your old car holds for you, others may not appreciate it. So let’s take a moment to check out resale values, before becoming intoxicated with that ‘new car smell’ and impulse buying again. Everyone knows that a vehicle will begin to lose value the moment it’s driven off the dealer’s lot, but some will lose faster than others.

We’ve crunched the numbers for a solid idea of how those values stack up in returning some resale bang for your buck.

  1.    Toyota Yaris iA

This little sedan holds its value very well due to its many safety features; holding a resale value after three years of age at around 40% of its original price, and at around 30% after five years. Now that makes for a reasonable trade in.  

  1.    Toyota 4-Runner

Presently holding a resale value at nearly 55%, the Toyota 4-Runner is a very good purchase. This great little SUV will take you anywhere on-road and most anywhere off-road. It’s not too easy at the gas pump, but its large cargo area makes it the perfect vehicle for a family and all the gear that goes with them. Definitely an all-around-deal.  

  1.    Honda Civic

The Honda Civic’s sporty look will make your kids pleased to see you pull up in front of their school. In addition, its resale value after three years is nearly an impressive 50%, and at five years it’s near 35%. At those rates, you may want to trade it in for a good return on your investment; that is, if you can pry it from your teenagers’ hands.

  1.    Honda Accord

This elegant coupe is a winner for comfort, great mileage, and dependability. In addition, this vehicle’s resale value is as equally impressive with nearly a 45% return at three years old, and just over 30% at five years of age.   

  1.    Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler’s are known to be fun to drive around the city, on the highway, or off-road. A great vehicle to own for its all-purpose use, plus its hold a whopping resale value of just over 50% at five years of age, which is most impressive.

  1.    Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is clearly a nice fit for any long- and short-term budget. The design’s excellent use of space in a small compact vehicle, as well as its resale value of nearly 50% at three years of age and almost 30% at five years, makes it most impressive.

It pays in the long run to shop around and dig into ways to make your next vehicle your wisest purchase; for today’s needs and for your future budget as well.

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