The CBS Sports App


People complain all the time about modern technology; especially smart phones. But the bottom line is, we find them hard to give up. The convenience of being able to be on top of everything always weighs more than the potential downsides and annoyances.

And if you like sports and want to stay on top of them, you are definitely going to want a sports app on your phone. Something that lets you stay ultra-informed and up to date on your favorite sports with just a few clicks on your phone, whenever and wherever you may be, as long as your phone can get some of that Internet flowing into it.

The CBS Sports App is one of the more popular sports apps, available for iPhone or also for Android where it’s known as the livescore app. You can use it to get updates and sports news in real time. It gives you alerts, scores, and stats all in real time (fully customizable of course), and unlike some other apps, every major sport is covered. And also, of course, you can watch the major events directly on your device. As a matter of fact, there is always something streaming, if not an event, then they are deep into analysis. And every must-know story has an alert for it, also fully customizable.


Basically everything available on the web via the nba app and more is what you can find on the apps. There are also live streaming radio feeds including some of the best names in sports commentary. And CBS offers you exclusive access to the NFL and NBA drafts, March Madness, the Masters and other events of that nature. And you can set up your own office pools with Office Pool Manager.

One other nice feature is that you can set up Custom Navigation and let the app give priority to the sports that are the most important to you. Set them in order for your convenience.

So in short, if you are an avid sports fan and you don’t have the CBS sports app on your phone yet, you should definitely consider installing it soon, because you are missing out on a whole new level of convenience.

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