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Top Tips For Building A Man Cave

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If you have a spare room in your house that hasn’t been reserved for guest accommodation, overflow closet space, or miscellaneous junk, why not consider turning that space into a man cave? A man cave offers the perfect opportunity to have your own personal space in your home, away from your partner, your kids, and maybe even your friends! But where is the best place to start converting your room into your own private haven?

We have put together four handy tips for furnishing your man cave, along with some recommended products that will place you at the forefront of technology, comfort, and easy living. Read on to start gathering ideas.


The man cave is a place that you can go to relax after a hard day at work or even if you just want some peace and quiet. You need your space to be tranquil and calming, and there is no more effective way to ensure this than to control the lighting level in the room. Purchasing a dimmer switch will allow you to control the lighting with precision, illuminating the room when you want it to be bright and vibrant, or lowering the lights when you want to chill out. These dimmer switches from Homebase feature an adjustable knob for getting the lighting level exactly as you want it.


Another extremely important element of the man cave is your seating. Lose yourself in a comfortable, plump sofa or recline in a relaxing arm chair — the choice is yours. Think about whether you are looking to entertain fellow man-guests in your man cave, and buy the appropriate seating to reflect this.

One wise idea is to purchase a sofa bed. This allows you to have a comfortable sofa that is suitable for lounging on, but then with the additional option of a fold-out bed if you are looking for a nap or a quick snooze. This is also a huge space-saving measure, as you will not have to purchase a sofa and a bed separately, allowing you more room for gadgets and electronics. Our advice is to buy a good-quality sofa bed, as the cheap models tend to look as such, and you will find that your sofa cushions sag a lot more quickly with a low-value sofa bed. These sofa beds from Sofas by Saxon provide guaranteed quality, and are a great option due to the sheer varieties of colours they are available in — choose a really out-there colour to give your man cave an individual spin.

Musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument can be very therapeutic, while also offering you an opportunity to stimulate your brain in ways that regular life doesn’t cater for. If you already play, great! If you’ve never picked an instrument up before, however, now is your chance. A good starting point would be learning the guitar, and the easiest way to do this is to purchase an electric guitar — the fret board is easier to navigate than on an acoustic guitar, and the strings will be more forgiving on your fingers.

Don’t worry about buying a Fender or Gibson guitar, as you will sound just as bad on a high-quality guitar while you are learning. The best way to start is to purchase an inexpensive guitar bundle that includes the instrument, as well as a practice amp and some accessories. This Rockburn Electric Guitar Amp Pack from Argos contains everything you need to start fretting, strumming, and noodling in no time.

Sound system

No man cave will be complete without installing a sound system to listen to your favourite music. This also gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the latest in wireless and Bluetooth technology. You can kill two birds with one stone by also connecting your sound system to your television, for an authentic home theatre experience. This LG Wireless Sound Bar from Currys features a 300 W speaker and can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth for convenient music selection.

Having these four things in your man cave will ensure your days are filled with fun — you’re never too old for your own club house!

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