How to Vape in Style

In the last century, until our ancestors realised it to be a lethal killer, smoking was considered, rather tragically, the epitome of style and class. Every movie star would be filmed with a cigarette hanging from their mouth, the personification of style. Even here in the UK, 1970’s footballers could be seen celebrating a win by enjoying a smoke together. When I visited China a few years ago, I was astounded to not only discover that smoking was still permitted indoors, but it was also ingrained the very social structure. Offering a cigarette was the best conversation opener. Fortunately, in the 21st century, it is smoking that is now drying a slow death.

As a hardcore ecig user, one of the most common questions I am asked, is how I manage to maintain a degree of style when vaping. It didn’t come easily and certainly not naturally. There are however a couple of golden rules.

The right ecig for the right situation – choose your weapon wisely

If it’s big fat vapour clouds you yearn for, then knock yourself out. At home. Away from people. There’s nothing more drab than a vaper showing off their his beloved hobby, with disdain for those around them. Juxtapose bars with the lingering tobacco fog and the modern day alternative, ecig vapour and you are not far off the level of pestiferous ignorance that will make you no friends, only enemies! Ecig mods and tanks come in many different shapes and sizes. There’s the sub-ohm setup for the privacy of your own home. There’s the less intrusive choice for when you are socialising. Just as no-one wants to breathe in stale cigarette smoke, no-one wants to share your ecig vapour. Show a little reverence for those around you and you’ll ooze style.

Sophistication comes in all flavours

Back in the day, you could only buy very basic e-liquids in from China. Apple, tobacco, strawberry, menthol. There was little choice and the flavours were very basic in taste. Today we’re spoilt with a bounty of choice. Like a vanilla custard? There’s an e-juice for that….with a touch of ice cream, just because. Partial to a cola float? Knock yourself out, there’s hundreds of varieties. I’ve personally vetted and stocked hundreds of different e-liquid flavours in the last six years. People will always be interested in what flavour you are vaping. It’s so much better to describe all the wonderful nuances of your e-juice, rather than trying and elaborate on a straight lemon flavour. It’s no different to understanding fine wines or whiskies. Appreciation of a sophisticated level of flavour makes for an interesting character and is an idiosyncrasy of style.

It’s important that ecigs are given the respect they deserve. Let’s not forget that ecigs are an alternative to smoking. Ensuring that ecigs are viewed in a good light, can’t ever be a bad thing if they are going to be used instead of a cigarette.

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Co-founder of Ecigwizard, a leading UK vaping brand with over 40 retail locations across the UK. Aside from vaping, Oliver likes buying over-priced country clothing and collecting cats. Click here to visit to learn more about Ecigwizard and vaping.

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