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The comics of Marvel Comics have a long and storied history. Beginning as Timely Comics in 1939, the comic books of the company were one of many competing entities in the then new comic book industry, which at the time was still taking most of its cues from the pulp fiction magazines that preceded it. With the debut of their competitor National Comics’ character Superman, Timely and artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created a character to compete with Superman, Captain America. And now, Captain America and his fellow Marvel Comics superstars have made their way into a multimedia franchise, encompassing not only comics, but also video games, big budget Hollywood features and now online pokies games at

The online pokies games are themed after a number of iconic Marvel characters, ranging from Captain America, the stalwart champion who provided desperately needed escapism during the Second World War to more recent creations like Blade and Ghost Rider. These intellectual properties are among the most valuable on the modern media scene, each of them laying claim to at least one, sometimes several major motion picture releases based on decades worth of stories that began in comic books and have since gone on to involve animation, television series, video games and record breaking movies. And at, online video slots are available that invoke these iconic characters.

These games are more than simply Marvel themed, however. They also involved a storyline of sorts of their own, with their four level progressive jackpot that leads to bigger cash winnings the longer you play. In true mighty Marvel fashion, these progressive jackpots bare names beginning at Power and surging all the way up to the fourth and final level, Ultimate Power. Allowing players to relieve their first experiences with the world of Marvel Comics with a chance to win real money, these online pokies are powered by Playtech Software and run at the online casino called


These games also enjoy a randomly activated progressive jackpot feature, which intercedes no matter how big your bet it. When this random occurrence triggers, players enjoy a second game, where in they have to click on twenty spots and if they manage to match three Marvel Comics themed icons, the progressive jackpot grows ever larger. When the jackpot activates, the original game continues and the player keeps playing. If they win after activating the randomly activated progressive jackpot mini game, however, any winnings for the game increase greatly, to an astounding size in keeping with the Marvel tradition of doing everything bigger and wilder than their competitors.

In addition to Marvel themed online pokies, Australia has a number of other video slots with different features and themes enabling players to win some of the biggest prizes on the global digital casino scene. On top of this, the site also offers a number of other online games once confined solely to the world’s biggest casinos. Even better, players just have to sign up to play these games for free and players don’t even need to make a deposit first.

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