Options For Online Betting


Nowadays, there are more options for online betting than ever. Sports betting sites like this one have of course always been popular, but there are lots of different options now. Let’s explain some of the more common ones.


A handicap in the betting world just means that one of the teams starts with an imaginary lead. This is useful for and popular with betters because it allows one to still bet on a winning team while increasing the odds, thereby increasing the potential payout.

Asian Handicap:

This method of betting originated in Asia and is still most popular over there. The real difference between this mode and standard betting is that draws are not permitted as part of the system. Read more about Asian Handicap.

Double Chance:

Double chance simply means that if your team wins or ties, you win. You only lose if your team straight out loses. Double chance is a new method of betting that has recently been gaining in popularity.



Over/under is a method of betting where one picks a value for a statistic of a game (these can be many and diverse, such as shots on goal, total yards gained, turnovers, errors etc.) and wins if the actual value incurred in the game is either over or under (the bettor’s choice) than the predicted one. This is obviously for the more experienced bettors. It’s very similar to playing with futures in the market.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is the most popular of the exotic betting options these days. In Parlay betting you select two or more teams to win and ALL of them must win in order for the bet to pay out. The upside of this is that once again payouts are bigger. This is exactly why it’s so popular with people. A typical strategy is to pick several almost-sure wins and put them into a big parlay. Examples of parlay strategies and how it works can be found here for those who are further interested.

In closing, it’s important to note that all of these strategies need one key ingredient in order to work. You really must know, love, and follow closely the sports you are betting on in order to have any degree of success in this. Sports betting is definitely not for tire-kickers. It’s up to you to make informed decisions that will allow you to go up against the system and win.

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