31 Brilliant examples of Engrish fails…

31 Brilliant examples of Engrish fails


In tribute to Japan and the recent trials they are still experiencing- You know, that whole Godzilla destroying their country thing – Here is a visual tribute to the ineptitude of the translation skills of the land of the rising sun and other Asian countries! And by the way, wasn’t it nuclear power that inadvertently spawned Godzilla in the first place? Did we not learn anything from the great Gamera disaster of ’69 and the Mothra invasion of ’83? Nuclear power just ISN’T worth the ramifications of giant monsters.

So without further ado, from the lands that gave us food such as free range Penguin dicks on a bed of sauteed Panda assholes come these mass fails.


ATT3310640_fullsize ATT3310641_fullsize ATT3310642_fullsize ATT3310643_fullsize ATT3310644_fullsize ATT3310645_fullsize ATT3310646_fullsize ATT3310647_fullsize ATT3310648_fullsize ATT3310649_fullsize ATT3310650_fullsize ATT3310651_fullsize ATT3310652_fullsize ATT3310653_fullsize ATT3310654_fullsize ATT3310655_fullsize ATT3310656_fullsize ATT3310657_fullsize ATT3310658_fullsize ATT3310659_fullsize ATT3310660_fullsize ATT3310661_fullsize ATT3310662_fullsize ATT3310663_fullsize ATT3310664_fullsize ATT3310665_fullsize ATT3310666_fullsize ATT3310667_fullsize ATT3310668_fullsize ATT3310669_fullsize ATT3310670_fullsize





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